The Spore Co-Operative

Our goal is to keep genetic integrity across the board with all genetics we handle. With one of the worlds largest Psilocybe herbariums our team cares about keeping genetics true.

At the Co-op we’re bringing together professionals from around the world to maintain and safe keep genetic lines that could have otherwise be lost to time. With proven methods our herberium boasts over 100 Psilocybe species and over 300 Cubensis varieties. And is growing everyday.

Our main focus is to create linage libraries, genetic lines and history. With so much legacy information getting lost to the vaults of the internet we wanted to be a resource for information on culture history and more. Basidium’s goal is to create a resource for over 30 years of history, so everyone can understand where and from whom certain genetics originates. Check out the Genetic Vault and Genetic Mapping for more Information.

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Basidium Equilibrium

The founder of The Spore Co-Op; has a passion based approch to creating a culture of community for mycologist’s and hobbyists alike. Specializing in isolation and culture enhancement’s Bas has been on the genetic scene for over 8 year. Bringing many new Mushroom varieties to public collectors.

Manna from Heaven

Manna From Heaven

Over the last years Manna has refined his craft and became one of the worlds best boutique growers. Turning his attention to isolation he brings some really cool exciting new genetic lines to collectors everywhere. The Spore Co-Op is proud to have MFH on the team!


Thermo Helix™

The original induction sterlizer. Themro Helix brings craftsman custom built induction sterilizers for Mycology hand tools.

Mindful Myconaut

Craft isolator who brings some rare an unique phenotyping to gentic work. The Co-Op has collaborated with Mindful on The Squat Mac release in December of 2022

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