Mushin Mushrooms

Psilocybe Cubensis king Boo Mushroom - Medium white mushrooms with albino traits, clear spores, white gills by mushin mushrooms

Mushin Mushrooms

“Mushin, derived from Zen Buddhism in Japan, is often translated as ‘mind without mind’ or a state of pure mindedness. It’s a philosophy deeply rooted in the concept of achieving a flow state. At its essence, Mushin encourages liberation from life’s distractions and attachments, allowing individuals to be entirely present in the moment, thus optimizing their performance in various aspects of daily life. In this state, thoughts are neither dwelling in the past nor racing toward the future; it’s a state of pure motion devoid of excessive emotion. Mushin is, in essence, the Japanese art of achieving a state of flow, emphasizing that intuition, rather than logic, represents the highest form of understanding.

Mushin Mushrooms, an amateur boxer with 12 years of experience, was already familiar with the concept of Mushin before personally experiencing this profound state. His discovery that mushrooms could facilitate this state of being became the driving force behind his work with these remarkable fungi. For Mushin Mushrooms, it expanded the meaning of Mushin beyond being a supreme mental state for warriors and combat athletes; it revealed its universal applicability to people from all walks of life.”

“At The Spore Co-Op, we are honored to count Mushin Mushrooms as an integral part of our team, generously contributing his unmatched enthusiasm for all things mushrooms.”

Psilocybe Cubensis UTB or also known as ultra chic boi mushroom. They're a white albino mushroom with clear spores. With a cream colored white and a slight wrinkled cap these UTB by Mushin Mushrooms hosted by The Spore Coop & Basidium Equilibrium