Mushroom Origin Map

Every mushroom has a story and origin. Although in this map we have a focus on captive Cubensis. We wanted to create a place for education for anyone with questions in regard to origins to genetic favorites.

As PCR testing for genetic lineage within a species is difficult to map on a traditional Phyogenetic tree. In the last year we have seen Phyogenetic trees published that are misleading and incorrect. This is our attempt to protect origin stories and info before it lost forever to over analytical reviews by folks outside of this fungal world.

We have been hunting down as much information we can. Looking to legacy growers, legacy vendors and genetic handlers for as much concrete information we can find. Scouring the interwebs for legacy info was an amazing journey in itself.


Hybrid section will be added soon, as these Hybrids share lineage with many origins we will track and add.

As mapping something that is in a perpetual state of growth, we’d like to encourage anyone working on something they’d like to see represented in this map to reach out Via email for a submission.