Mushroom Origin Map


Each mushroom has a unique story and origin. While our primary focus is on domesticated Psilocybe Cubensis within this map, our aim is to offer an educational resource for those interested in the lineage of their favorite genetic strains.

The conventional approach of Phylogenetic tree mapping presents challenges for PCR testing in determining genetic lineage within a species. Most analytical reviews rely on common data sets like Internal transcribed Spacer (ITS), Small Scale nrRNA, and Large Scale data. While ITS has become the gold standard for Genomic testing, its integration with the morphology within a species remains a laborious task, marked by knowledge and information gaps. Fungal research has greatly benefited from DNA-barcoding methods and the expanding collection of sequences in publicly curated databases. These applications span from crucial pathogen identifications to comprehensive global examinations of fungal diversity. However, given the immense diversity of fungi, the challenge is vast. Collaborative efforts within the mycological community are essential to pool resources, address knowledge gaps, and ensure that rich histories and information about these origins are safeguarded from overly analytical scrutiny by those outside the fungal realm. 


We have been diligently collecting information from legacy growers, vendors, and genetic experts to provide the most dependable data available. Our journey to uncover legacy information has been a remarkable adventure in itself. In the near future, we plan to introduce a section dedicated to hybrids, as they frequently share lineages from various origins, a feature we will continue to monitor and incorporate. As this map mirrors a constantly evolving field, we extend an invitation to anyone working on projects they would like to see featured to reach out to us via email for submissions.