Landrace Genetics

Wild Psilovibe

Psilovibes’ work with landraces has become something of renown. He specializes in wild specimen domestication and cultivation of exotic psilocybes.

“Psilovibe Genetics embarked on its journey six years ago, born from a personal quest to address mental health concerns for my fiancée and myself through mushrooms and mycology. One morning, inspired by an inner calling, I ventured into the nearest pasture, and to my astonishment, psychedelic mushrooms, Cubensis, were abundant. Their therapeutic effects were profound, motivating me to delve deeper into foraging and study. This led to a decision to create my own variety derived from the wild.

During subsequent field expeditions, I discovered an ideal Cubensis specimen, from which I obtained my first landrace variety, Aux Arc. Since then, my exploration has persisted, focusing on uncovering and domesticating new wild landrace varieties. Additionally, I’ve delved into cultivating exotic species like Ps. Zapotecorum, Ps. Subtropicalis, and Ps. Caerulescens. My primary objective is to share the love for these magnificent fungi by disseminating my spores far and wide. Much love to the community!”



Arkansas found landrace. Exibits the best and most dominate growth of any landrace Psilovibe has found and worked. Psilovibe will be offering a imited number spore prints of his “Goldilocks” blonde landrace 11.17.2023