Genetic Vault

Lineage mapping and tracking

Basidium Equilibrium has gone to great lengths to map and track sources of classic and modern culture origins and data. Our map hosts a goldmine of data and useful information.

genetic map

Discover variety-specific profile pages brimming with origin tales, geographic insights, and cultivar creation details.

Blue Meanie - "OB1"

Leucistic Cambodian

Leucistic Cambodian

Albino Avery

Albino Cambodian - "Averys Albino"

Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher -GT


Leucistic Golden Teacher - LGT

White Golden Teacher

True Albino Teacher

psilocybe cubensis enigma


psilocybe cubensis Golden halo

Golden Halo - GH

psilocybin cubensis Hanoi



20230124 082940

Fiji - Landrace

Albino Cubensis

Albino Texas PE6

Texas PE6

20220727 215411

Jedi Mind Fuck - JMF

psilocybe cubensis Hillbilly

Orissa India - OI

Hawk Eye Penis Envy

Albino Cubensis

Penis Envy 21

IMG 20221219 090227 207

Penis Envy 22

20220727 215411

Frankensteins Cock P.E.

Albino Cubensis

Albino Penis Envy - APE "M"

manna from Heaven ape

MFH Albino Penis Envy - MFH APE


Homestead Penis Envy - Melmac

psilocybe cubensis Hillbilly

Penis Envy Uncut - PEU

Outside penis Envy cubensis spores

Old Dirty Penis Envy - ODPE


Old Dirty PE #2 - ODPE

psilocybe cubensis pe7

Penis Envy 7 -PE7

20220905 112258

Extraterrestrial - ET

20221115 105630

Bluey Vitton - BV

Albino Bluey Vitton

Albino Bluey Vitton - A.BV

Albino Melmak cubensis

Albino Melmac - A. Mel

Machine Elf

Machine Elf

psilocybe cubensis Texas yellow cap

Texas Yellow Cap

Rusty White

Jedi Mind Fuck Spores

Spore Boutique

Spore Prints, Swabs and Glass Slides

psilocybe cubensis hillbilly

Mycelium Works

Isolation Dishes, Isolated Syringes and Slants

Jedi Mind Fuck Spores

Bas Mycology

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