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tosohatchee CubensisTosohatchee – Trip Experience

Disclaimer. All information here is for educational purposes only and not intended to miss used or viewed as any recommendations. Please follow your intuition and research before large dosing.

Late spring of 2020, ITW is walking through the Tosohatchee nature preserve in Florida and discovers wild flush of Psilocybe Cubensis. After taking some wild samples of spores he gifted me a print for domestication. Took a few attempts to get a clean culture. When working with wild spores this is somewhat commonplace. Working through having to move my lab, relocate amongst other things, I was about a month behind the schedule I had set for myself on a clean multi spore run. Once Tos hit grain it absolutely took off. I have about 20-25 solid Isolates that are serious front running varieties and Tos kept pace with all of them.  We got in to sub and 10 sort days later we had fruits. What a wonderful experience it can be to tame a wild species.

A few days ago, I been working in my lab for most of my day. This week was a packed week for me and I had been feeling like a personal realignment was needed. I have always been one to make sure potency is in order with isolations. It had been a few months since having my own personal therapy sesh with psilocybin. So feeling geared up for a night, I hustled up and finished my lab work and got ready to dose. Honestly prior to picking the fruits I wanted to eat I hadn’t put much thought into what I would eat. I walked over to where I store them and the first bag I pulled out was Tosohatchee. Surely this was a sign, so I grabbed the bag and went to go figure out what I was going to take. I pulled out a few to dig through what looked best. And because they were rather small and thin when dried, I just made a nice bouquet. Now I didn’t weigh anything and that’s because I usually don’t; I wanted what spoke to me. I’d guess it was about 7-9grams dry, I usually dose within this range.

After roughing through some crackers, like so often I was inescapably anxious, mainly because it had been a while since I took a good healthy macro dose. I found myself laying on my back on my couch, studio headphones maxing out with some of my favorite music. It slowly came on within 30 minutes. Funny part was I really had no idea what to expect, I’ve eaten wild and F1 cubes before and have also had plenty of experience on high potency strains but as many of you know it can be unpredictable sometimes. I am laying back trying to see if I can see any colored veil(Veil is what I call light Iridescent visuals) showing itself yet, even threw a black throw blanket over my head to have a darker setting to improve my visuals. After about 30 minutes it came on slowly, but I was starting to have really nice body vibes and vibrant visuals. When I say visuals, just imagine yourself kicked back listening to music, the fractals follow the eb and flow of the melody. After about 50 minutes into my experience I began to really be enveloped into my experience. There was crisp vibrant color and a dark room seemed to not matter anymore. I don’t know if anyone out there has ever had really heavy body tremors/vibes but I absolutely love that part of the experience and in this particular trip the body vibes are absolutely intense. With that intensity came absolutely out of this world visuals of fractals and flames, bright seafoam greens and Blues, pinks, and oranges and purples. My visuals where so bright and crisp it is like many experiences extremely hard to fully express in words.

About an hour and twenty minutes into my journey I really started to peak. I was still laying back on my couch, my muscles in my lower jaw and neck were totally clenched, my leg and arm muscles flexed and my back was slowly lifting off the surface of the couch due sheerly to the intensity of that moment. I was literally thinking “The intensity is soooo fucking rad! But simultaneously thinking can this actually get any heavier?”  Rest assured at no point in time was I uncomfortable, it was pretty much that trip I had been dreaming of. And in my opinion the moments that keep you at the edge of amazing and too much are usually the best. This was one of those pure experiences, I didn’t have much strange imaging which I seem to get lots of on large doses with other varieties. Also for whatever reason I get lots of weird hard to explain esoteric parts of large doses. In fact it’s been a reason for my hiatus from larger macros (mainly PE variants).

Here I am two hours in and now I am nauseous, totally void of my normal reality. I go out into my yard to see if I am actually going to vomit which is super rare. My feet barely hit the dirt and it was coming up. I will also say that whenever I have had to vomit in prior experiences my trip definetly intensifies. The moment I picked my head up I looked up at the night sky and saw fractaling vortexes, and geometry that is absolutely beyond my wildest imagination. So much so it seems like an impossible task to explain in the type of clarity id like to.


Now so many people including myself have had experiences that bring you closer to your god, yourself, or have some sort of emotional/ spiritual healing effects. I can tell you once I was full peak and had vomited, body temp felt way up. Things really stepped up to more….. for lack of better words lets call it; quantum messaging. I’m a firm believer in certain dose range that we can enter into quantum fields of information. Anyways Im in the yard and a large gust of wind sweeps through, good 30mph winds. It feels like some sort of spirit type, maybe healer, I don’t know….. but whatever it is/was I imagined my brain being a flute and felt this air breeze blast through my mind, examining me and exposing all the minuet changes in my mind and body. I was feeling these huge waves of frequency hit me again laid out on the couch and continued this journey. I felt this overwhelming healing of my mind, and body. Since this night about a week ago today I have been on a completely new trajectory, I’ve almost completely stopped smoking and have been on a dietary cleanse. The ever healing powers of psilocybin are very real, and I cannot express my absolute gratitude for what they’ve brought to my life in healing ways.

Tosohatchee is pretty special, its uber potent and just runs a different course. With that being said, many know the mysterious side of psilocybin mushrooms. Potency was what I experienced and hope this follows genetic lines from here on out. I also wanted to note that I don’t expect for others to have similar experiences as all our experiences are vastly different due to our complex minds, life perspectives, life experiences, and surroundings. This was only part of a very complex night filled with the celebration of this ceremonial night. ITW and myself have release this genetic phenom type this past Monday 11/23/20 and I could not be happier to see people have access to this variety of Cubensis. This will definitely be a isolation I will keep in my wheel house for sometime, I cannot wait to see what this strain will eventually become years from now.

Happy tripping – Bas

tosohatchee Cubensis
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