White Golden Teacher – Spore Print

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MFH L RevWhite Golden Teacher (WGT) emerged as a captivating leucistic variation of mushroom; Originating from a Golden Teacher mushroom cultivation that dates back to 2015. Right from the beginning, this strain has demonstrated its ability to yield massive fruiting bodies, remaining unsurpassed in terms of both productivity and swift growth.

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White Golden Teacher – Spore Print

White Golden Teacher (WGT) is a captivating leucistic mushroom variant, tracing its roots back to a 2015 Golden Teacher cultivation. Right from its inception, this strain has consistently proven its capacity for bountiful fruiting, making it unrivaled in both productivity and rapid growth. Distinguished by its striking pure blonde caps and stems, complemented by a natural proficiency for abundant spore production, WGT offers a distinctive opportunity for mycology enthusiasts. This multi spore culture, hailing from the legacy spores of 2016, opens the door to an exhilarating expedition into phenotypic exploration.

WGT embodies the very essence of the mycological realm, providing a glimpse into the diverse and resilient nature of these captivating organisms. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or an emerging mycophile, White Golden Teacher extends an enticing invitation to delve into the world of genetic enigmas and decode the intricate tapestry of nature. It stands as a testament to the enduring heritage of mycology, warmly beckoning enthusiasts to embark on the voyage of exploring its myriad wonders, one spore at a time.


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2 reviews for White Golden Teacher – Spore Print

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed working with this variety. Very fast colonizer

    • basidiumeqhq

      THANKS! WGT is AWESOME! Vader will be released soon and is also a very fast colonizer! Be on the look out!

  2. Josh hart

    Always great product.

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