Ultra Thic Boi – Isolated Syringe


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Ultra Thic Boi – Isolated Syring

Ultra Thic Boi was a happy mycological accident. This variant was derived between two different cultures of two different mushrooms.  With lovely ivory fruits, UTB will make a beautiful albino addition to your microscopy collection. 


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Ultra Thic Boi – Isolated Syringe

Ultra Thic Boi (UTB) – Isolated Syringe

Ultra thic boi isolated and worked by Mushin Mushrooms.

was honestly a “happy” mycological accident. It is essentially a back-cross of 2 ghost isolations.

Thic Boi boi x King Boo

Ultra Thic Boi – Isolated Syringe is a successful example of a “ghetto” cross/ swab smash between two different fruits from two different cultures.  I had seen a couple different people successfully swab 2 different mushrooms & brush them across plates to germinate a paired culture.

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