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In the untamed regions of Thailand, an individual by the name of John “Mushroom John” Allen encountered the Pink Buffalo strain of psilocybin mushrooms. A dedicated author renowned for his extensive writings and enduring passion for all things fungal.

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Pink Buffalo – Isolated Syringe

About This Strain:

  • Origin – In the rugged landscapes of Thailand, a man of mycological intrigue, John “Mushroom John” Allen, embarked on quest. It’s said that during one of his adventures, while traversing the countryside, he unearthed a hidden treasure within the fertile grounds of buffalo territory. But this was no ordinary find; it was the legendary Pink Buffalo strain of psilocybin mushrooms, often associated with local folklore and mysticism. The story unfolds as John, an illustrious author renowned for his extensive literary works on the enigmatic world of fungi, came upon this unique strain amidst a field hallowed by the presence of a sacred pink buffalo. Notably, these extraordinary mushrooms were nestled within the dung of these revered creatures. This discovery took on an almost mythical aura, entwining the magic of the pink buffalo with the rare and enchanting qualities of the Pink Buffalo mushrooms. It was as if nature itself had hidden these gems within the buffalo’s offering, waiting for an intrepid explorer like John “Mushroom John” Allen to reveal their captivating secrets to the world.
  • Gill Formation – Pink Buffalo mushrooms are known for their medium to large gills, which exhibit a wide range of formations. This variability is a result of the typically unstable genetic traits of this strain. While these mushrooms tend to have readily available gills for spore production, they typically do not discharge spores themselves.
  • Microscopy Features – When examining Pink Buffalo mushrooms under a microscope, you’ll observe purplish brown spores as well as albino spores. These spores measure approximately 7 x 12 micrometers in size. While Pink Buffalo mushrooms typically do not release spores, occasional spore discharge has been observed. During germination, spores often display clamp connections and fine, feathered mycelium. To fully appreciate these microscopic features, it’s advisable to use microscopes and magnification equipment.
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