P. Semilanceata (Wild) – Spore Print


P. Semilanceata (Wild) – Spore Print, embodies mycology’s enduring legacy, warmly inviting enthusiasts to embark on a wondrous, spore-filled adventure. This landrace variety will make a great addition to your collection.

p semilanceata

p semilanceata

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All psilocybe spores are sold for novelty, microscopy use ONLY. We are not liable if any of our products are used for ANY other reason.

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P. Semilanceata (Wild) – Spore Print 

(AKA – Liberty Caps)

Psilocybe Semilanceata: The Iconic Liberty Cap

Step into the enchanting realm of Psilocybe Semilanceata, colloquially known as the Liberty Cap, a diminutive yet potent mushroom revered for its distinct appearance and powerful psychedelic properties. Thriving in grassy meadows and pastures, especially during the cool, wet months of autumn, the Liberty Cap captivates with its iconic bell-shaped cap, marked by a pointed, nipple-like tip. Its slender stem completes the silhouette of this mushroom, creating an image that has become synonymous with magical mycology. The Liberty Cap is renowned for its role in ancient rituals and contemporary introspection, offering enthusiasts a passage into the ethereal world of altered consciousness. As the Liberty Cap graces landscapes with its presence, it beckons explorers to venture into the hidden wonders of nature, unlocking the profound mysteries of Psilocybe Semilanceata.

What Makes it Special?

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  4. Please remember, our spores are strictly for microscopy, taxonomy, and novelty purposes. They’re sourced from international cultivators and labs and comply with local regulations.
Restrictions in Idaho and Georgia - Orders from residents of Idaho and Georgia requesting Psilocybe genera spores will be refused due to legal 
restrictions in these states. Please be mindful of the regulations in your specific location when placing an order.


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