Goldilocks (Wild) – Spore Print


Goldilocks7 Goldilocks (Wild) – Spore Print, embodies mycology’s enduring legacy, warmly inviting enthusiasts to embark on a wondrous, spore-filled adventure. Discovered by Psilovibe in River Valley,  Arkansas.


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Goldilocks (Wild) – Spore Print

Goldilocks (Wild) – found by;  Psilovibe is a Wild Landrace strain of psilocybe cubensis found in Arkansas USA.

About Psilovibe:

Psilovibe Genetics, who found Goldilocks (Wild) – Spore Print (s);  Was started 6 years ago when I first took an interest in mushrooms and mycology to treat my fiancés and my mental health issues. I woke up one morning and felt the need to go foraging in the nearest pasture. To my surprise there were cubes everywhere! I brought a few back and after eating them I realized how much they helped; The more I started going to the field, and studying, I realized I wanted to start my own variety from the wild.  My next time in the field I found the most perfect Cubensis specimen and printed it which is where my first landrace variety Aux Arc was domesticated from.

From that point on, I’ve continued my quest in discovering and domesticating new wild landrace varieties from Arkansas as well as cultivating exotics species such as Ps. Zapotecorum, Ps. Subtropicalis, and Ps. Caerulescens. My number one goal is to be able to spread and share the love within these beautiful fungi by spreading my spores as far and wide as possible! Mush love fam!

What Makes it Special?

1. Species: Ps. Cubensis
    Variety: Goldilocks (1st Gen)
    Origin: Arkansas’ River Valley
This was the last strain discovered and domesticated from the field, Psilovibe, has been going to for years until they recently moved their cattle. It was found it growing solitarily in the middle of the field letting me know it had very aggressive and strong genetics with a beautiful blonde cap hence the name Goldilocks. So, It was printed and worked from MS until they got the single most aggressive rhizo landrace variety.

Goldilocks – Isolated Plate embodies mycology’s enduring legacy, warmly inviting enthusiasts to embark on a wondrous, spore-filled adventure.

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