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Fiji Spore Print

Fijian cubensis had a pretty well documented history. If you look around you will find articles written by Gordon Wasson about a letter he was sent in 1959 about accidental ingestion of Psilocybin in a issue if “Herbalist”. He later documented some Paneolous and at the time referred to Straphoria Cubensis in the Fijian Islands.

I also found some publications from Jon Allen in regards to Gordon Wasson and Guzamn findings in fiji.

Now these wilds are found and documented by our good friend Willy Myco in 2014 on his travels to Fiji. These wild Fiji have a robust orange coloring like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Fruit description: medium sized deep orange hued variety. Unique in look

Spores: normal discharge off basidia. Spores containing standard purple coloring.

To find out more check the genetic vault

To find out more about Willy Myco check out his legendary YouTube series


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