BAPER-RUST – Spore Print


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All psilocybe spores are sold for novelty, microscopy use ONLY. We are not liable if any of our products are used for ANY other reason.

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BAPER-RUST – Spore Print

Mushroom Spore PRINTS are foil deposits that contain spores for microscopy use only.

Strain origin -Bas discovered the BAPER (Blue Albino Penis Envy Revert) while searching for specimens of the Philly Golden Teacher strain in the lab. The BAPER strain is characterized by its stunning coloration. During a multi-spore hunt, a rare mutation with rust spores was identified and stabilized through careful isolation. Only seven known rust/yellow or gold spored genetics have been documented through research, making the rust mutation even rarer than the albino trait. The resulting BAPER-R strain exhibits exceptional performance and is truly remarkable.

Gill formation – Gills typically are medium to large, wide range of formation. Very low spore production observed, potential transitional to albino is possible.

Microscopy features – RUST brown spores.  Spore messure 7 x 12 micrometers.  Has dropped spores from time to time. Germination of spores will often be observed having clamp connections and fine feathered mycelium. Microscopes and magnification equipment is recommended for viewing microscopic features.

Rare varieties of psilocybe cubensis will be retired in the Genetic Vault. Check out the Vault for more unique collectable varieties! Affiliated mycology businesses that offer lab equipment and tools visit

Spores intended for microscopy, taxonomy and novelty purposes only. Informational and educational reference only and originate from cultivators and labs outside the US. Cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries including the United States. Please check your local regulations.


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