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Albino Bluey Vuitton – Isolated Syringe

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The Albino Phenom variety emerged approximately two generations into the Bluey Vuitton project, a project diligently pursued and successfully managed by Basidium Equilibrium. It was during this endeavor that the Albino Phenom strain was first discovered and meticulously stabilized.


 Albino Bluey Vuitton – Isolated Syringe

Strain origin – The Birth of Bluey Vuitton. Bluey Vuitton’s story traces back to around 2014 when it was originally cultivated by “Silly Cybin.” This unique variety is a hybrid resulting from the combination of Panama and Melmac PE strains.

In a chance encounter in Santa Cruz, California, “Silly Cybin” crossed paths with a traveler who claimed to have chocolates made from mushrooms he had discovered during his adventures in Panama. Intrigued, “Silly” received a crumpled foil spore print from the traveler and decided to cultivate these Panama mushrooms. To his amazement, they turned out to be exceptional, with clean spores.

Seeking to reconnect with the mysterious traveler, “Silly” returned to the beach where they had met. Although he didn’t find the traveler there, fate had other plans. “Silly” unexpectedly bumped into him at a local falafel shop. The traveler shared spores of his Melmac PE strain and mentioned his journey north to Klamath Falls, Oregon. And just like that, the traveler vanished.

“Silly Cybin” attempted to grow the Melmac spores, inspired by his positive experience with the Panama mushrooms. Unfortunately, the Melmac batch got contaminated, and nothing survived. In a final attempt to locate his enigmatic friend, “Silly” returned to the falafel shop, hoping to find a trace of the traveler. Though the traveler was nowhere to be found, the lady at the shop informed “Silly” that the man had left something for him – more spores. With time, this batch of Melmac PE was successfully cultivated.

As time passed, “Silly Cybin” ventured into hybrid projects, resulting in the creation of Bluey Vuitton by crossing the Panama and Melmac PE strains. While Bluey Vuitton’s genetics have circulated within the underground mycology community, it remains a fascinating and sought-after variety known for its unique characteristics and production potential.

The Discovery of Albino Phenom: Approximately two generations into the development of the Bluey Vuitton project, the Albino Phenom type was uncovered. This remarkable genetic variation was identified and subsequently stabilized by Basidium Equilibrium. Through meticulous isolation and cultivation, it was transformed into a reliable and consistent genetic strain. The Albino Phenom has since become a prominent and valued member of the albino mushroom category, cherished for its exceptional qualities.

Gill formation – Gills typically are medium to large, wide range of formation. Likely to have available gills for spore production. Spores do not discharge.

Microscopy features – Albino Clear spores.  Spore measure 7 x 12 micrometers. This variety Bluey Vuitton does not typically discharge spores. But has dropped spores from time to time. Germination of spores will often be observed having clamp connections and fine feathered mycelium. Microscopes and magnification equipment is recommended for viewing microscopic features.

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Spores intended for microscopy, taxonomy and novelty purposes only. Informational and educational reference only and originate from cultivators and labs outside the US. Please check your local regulations. Idaho, and Georgia resident Orders requesting Psilocybe Genera Spores shipped to Idaho, and Georgia will be refused.

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  1. Sam

    Packaged arrived timely, in good condition, without contamination. Very slow colonizer and fruiter, but very vigorous with thick, white, and fluffy mycelium. Have not seen fruits yet, but will hopefully remember update with the results.

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