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MFH Albino Penis Envy Set Pack


Liquid Culture (LC): Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Liquid Culture (LC). This meticulously prepared solution contains a thriving mycelial network, ready to inoculate your substrate or agar plates. With its high viability and rapid growth, the LC provides an ideal foundation for cultivating the extraordinary genetic lines of the MFH Albino Penis Envy. Unlock the potential of this versatile tool and witness the mycelium flourish before your eyes.

Slant: Enhance your long-term preservation capabilities with our Slant. This specialized agar-filled test tube allows for sustained viability of the MFH Albino Penis Envy genetic lines. Each slant serves as a valuable resource, ensuring the longevity and stability of your collection. With proper maintenance, these slants provide a reliable backup and enable repeated inoculations, allowing you to explore the vast possibilities of these remarkable specimens.

Culture Dish: Equip yourself with the indispensable Culture Dish, a versatile tool for cultivating the MFH Albino Penis Envy genetic lines. Designed for agar-based techniques, this high-quality dish provides an optimal environment for mycelial growth. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while its spacious design accommodates the expansion of the mycelium, allowing you to witness the remarkable development of these unique specimens. Unleash your curiosity and delve into the intricacies of mycology with this essential component.

Spore Swab: Uncover the hidden wonders of the MFH Albino Penis Envy with our Spore Swab. This meticulously prepared tool allows for precise and controlled spore distribution. By gently swabbing the fruiting bodies, you can effortlessly collect the spores, unlocking a vast array of genetic potential. Perfect for microscopic examination, taxonomy studies, and research purposes, the Spore Swab provides a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the intricate details of these extraordinary specimens.

Note: The MFH Albino Penis Envy Set Pack is intended for microscopy, taxonomy, and research purposes only. It is important to comply with local regulations and guidelines regarding the cultivation and use of these spores and cultures.


MFH Albino Penis Envy Set Pack: A Unique Collection

Introducing the MFH Albino Penis Envy Set Pack, meticulously curated by mycologist Manna From Heaven (MFH). This unique collection includes:

  • One Liquid Culture (LC)
  • Spore Swab
  • Isolated plate
  • Slant

These components provide a comprehensive mycological experience for enthusiasts and collectors.

Embarking on four distinct projects, Manna From Heaven refined the genetic stability of each lineage, starting with the revered Penis Envy strain. Through careful cultivation techniques, a quartet of extraordinary mushroom varieties was isolated, each possessing distinct attributes.

In the realm of mycological exploration, Manna From Heaven’s groundbreaking discoveries with the enigmatic Penis Envy strain in 2021 unveiled two reverts and an Albino variant. These remarkable specimens exhibit curled gills resembling bowler caps, adorned with exquisite color variations, showcasing nature’s unparalleled artistry.

Basidium’s Spore CO-OP proudly offers exclusive access to Manna From Heaven’s coveted genetic lines, a hidden treasure trove unveiled to discerning individuals.

The captivating MFH Albino Penis Envy Set Pack features diverse gill formations, including curled caps, likely abundant in spores for future exploration.

Rare varieties will find a home in the Genetic Vault, a sanctuary for preserving extraordinary genetic lineages. Visit for access to unique varieties and affiliated mycology businesses.

Please note that the spores provided in the esteemed MFH Albino Penis Envy Set Pack are intended solely for microscopy enthusiasts, researchers, and taxonomists. References and information originate from reputable cultivators. Compliance with local regulations is vital.


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