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Manna From Heaven Albino Penis Envy – Isolated Syringe


Manna from Heaven Isolated Syringe (LC): Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Liquid Culture (LC). This meticulously prepared solution contains a thriving mycelial network, ready to inoculate your substrate or agar plates. With its high viability and rapid growth, the LC provides an ideal foundation for cultivating the extraordinary genetic lines of the MFH Albino Penis Envy.


Manna From Heaven Albino Penis Envy – Isolated Syringe

Albino Penis Envy found from MFH Penis Envy in spore grows over two years ago by MFH. After taking some samples Manna worked this genetic to a stable APE. These APEs are truly unique with curling gills on the caps, giving them a bowler cap that never gets old seeing. Great fruiter and one of our favorite strains.

Manna From Heaven is a highly skilled mycologist with a passion for the healing properties of sacred mushrooms. His dedication to serving others on their healing journey has driven him to isolate four exquisite mushroom varieties. Starting with Penis Envy spores, Manna embarked on four independent projects to enhance the stable cultures of each genetic line.

In the spring of 2021, Manna discovered a range of new genetic expressions while working with Penis Envy spores. Rather than shying away from the challenge, he decided to take samples from numerous phenotypic fruit bodies. After a few spore generations and six months of intensive work, Manna successfully identified two reverts and one Albino, all originating from a single Penis Envy Monoculture. Witnessing the diverse physical features that can emerge from a single source is truly a remarkable sight.

Basidium’s Spore CO-OP is honored to exclusively release Manna From Heaven’s highly coveted mushroom genetic lines. Manna has never before shared or made his collection public, making these offerings truly exclusive.

Manna From Heaven Albino Penis Envy Isolated Syringe, Gill formation – Gills typically are medium size, wide range of formation. Likely to have available gills for spore production.

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