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Machine Elf – Isolated Plate



Machine Elf – Isolated Plate


Strain origin – Bas Original Hybrid, born from anastomosis hybridization from a wild Peruvian cube crossed with Penis Envy Uncut. This project was enjoyable and difficult in many ways. The PEU being primarily a recessive trait variety, it was challenging to bring out some PE traits like a wrinkled stiped and non hallow stipes. 

The Machine Elf name sake comes completely inspired by Terrence McKenna’s stories about the quantum fields of reality that he encountered “Machine Elves”. Machine elves (also known as fractal elves or self-transforming elf machines) is a term coined by the late ethnobotanist, writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the apparent entities that are often reported by individuals using tryptamine-based psychedelic drugs, especially DMT. References to such encounters can be found in many cultures ranging from shamanic traditions of Native Americans to indigenous Australians and African tribes, as well as among Western users of these substance

Gill formation – Gills typically are medium to large, tight range formation, and available spores for collecton

Microscopy features – Purplish brown spores.  Spore measure 7 x 12 micrometers. This variety Machine Elf typically discharges spores. Germination of spores will often be observed having clamp connections and fine feathered mycelium. Microscopes and magnification equipment is recommended for viewing microscopic features.

Rare varieties of psilocybe cubensis and older isolations will be retired in the Genetic Vault. Check out the Vault for more unique collectable varieties! Affiliated mycology businesses that offer lab equipment and tools visit

Spores intended for microscopy, taxonomy and novelty purposes only. Informational and educational reference only and originate from cultivators and labs outside the US. Cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries including the United States. Please check your local regulations. Idaho, and Georgia resident Orders requesting Psilocybe Genera Spores shipped to Idaho, and Georgia will be refused.


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