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Penis Envy 22 – Isolated Syringe

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Penis Envy 22 isolated syringe for research purposes.

10cc for research purposes only. Hypodermic needle included for inoculation.

Penis Envy mushrooms have become an iconic figure within the realm of psychedelic mushroom genetics.


Penis Envy 22 – Isolated Syringe


The origins of the Penis Envy strain can be traced back to Steven Pollack, who initially sent the original spores to an enigmatic figure known as “Gee.” Gee, residing in seclusion in the Pacific Northwest, kept his work secret for decades, perfecting the appearance of the penis mushroom. While some claimed that Terence McKenna was connected to its development, this connection remains unconfirmed. After Gee’s efforts, the Penis Envy strain gained popularity for its distinctive appearance and potent effects, marking a unique chapter in the history of mushroom cultivation.

The Penis Envy strain of mushrooms has demonstrated remarkable genetic variability, giving rise to a spectrum of intriguing variations. These variations encompass a wide range of cap colors, including vibrant green, pure white, and various shades of tan and brown. Alongside their diverse appearance, these mushrooms have garnered significant attention in private research sectors, particularly those dedicated to alkaloid compounds and their associated effects.

Penis Envy mushrooms have become an iconic figure within the realm of psychedelic mushroom genetics. Their unique genetic makeup has sparked curiosity and exploration among researchers, making them a subject of great interest in the study of psychedelic compounds and their potential applications. This strain’s ability to produce diverse colorations and high-potency effects underscores its significance in advancing our understanding of these fascinating fungi.

Gill Formation – Penis Envy mushrooms are known for their medium to large gills, which exhibit a wide range of formations. This variability is a result of the typically unstable genetic traits of this strain. While these mushrooms tend to have readily available gills for spore production, they typically do not discharge spores themselves.

Microscopy Features – When examining Penis Envy mushrooms under a microscope, you’ll observe purplish brown spores as well as albino spores. These spores measure approximately 7 x 12 micrometers in size. While Penis Envy mushrooms typically do not release spores, occasional spore discharge has been observed. During germination, spores often display clamp connections and fine, feathered mycelium. To fully appreciate these microscopic features, it’s advisable to use microscopes and magnification equipment.

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  1. Kid ducati

    Omfg I got this strain on agar and man wow im blown away with the amazing quality and 100% no contamination what so ever . What u see if pics is what u will have in ur hands . Fastest delivery . To LA got it about 4 days . For now on my money will be spent here for all my genetic needs. Also will update once I got meds in hand . Thank again man keep up what ur doing!

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