Albino Bluey Vuitton – Spore Swab

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Spore Swab - Mushroom - GeneticThe Albino Phenom type was revealed—a remarkable genetic anomaly. This distinctive variation was first identified and then skillfully stabilized by Basidium Equilibrium.

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Albino Bluey Vuitton – Spore Swab

Strain origin

The Birth of Bluey Vuitton: A Mycological Tale – In 2014, the hybrid marvel known as Bluey Vitton emerged, thanks to the diligent efforts of Silly Cybin. This unique strain is the result of a fascinating cross between the Panama and Melmac PE strains. Silly Cybin’s journey began when he encountered a wandering stranger in Santa Cruz, California, who generously shared a crumpled foil spore print of the Panama strain. Despite initial doubts, Silly Cybin managed to cultivate this Panama strain, discovering its exceptional quality.

Seeking to reconnect with the enigmatic stranger, who also mentioned the Melmac PE strain, Silly Cybin’s quest led him to a local falafel shop where he discovered more spores left just for him. Overcoming contamination challenges, he eventually succeeded in cultivating the Melmac PE strain. Later on, Silly Cybin embarked on a mycological adventure, crossing the Panama and Melmac PE strains, ultimately giving birth to the beloved Bluey Vitton. Although not entirely new in the genetic landscape, Bluey Vitton is highly regarded within the underground mycelium community for its distinctive appearance and intriguing production variations.

The Emergence of Albino Phenom – The Albino Phenom type was revealed—a remarkable genetic anomaly. This distinctive variation was first identified and then skillfully stabilized by Basidium Equilibrium. Through a process of careful isolation and cultivation, it evolved into a dependable and uniform genetic strain.

Gill formation – Gills typically are medium to large, wide range of formation. Likely to have available gills for spore production. Spores do not discharge.

Microscopy features – Albino Clear spores.  Spore measure 7 x 12 micrometers. This variety Bluey Vuitton does not typically discharge spores. But has dropped spores from time to time. Germination of spores will often be observed having clamp connections and fine feathered mycelium. Microscopes and magnification equipment is recommended for viewing microscopic features.

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Spores intended for microscopy, taxonomy and novelty purposes only. Informational and educational reference only and originate from cultivators and labs outside the US. Please check your local regulations. Idaho, and Georgia resident Orders requesting Psilocybe Genera Spores shipped to Idaho, and Georgia will be refused.

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