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Microscopy Spores come in many forms. So here is some information you should know to help you navigate some Mycology basics. Very much like breeding mammals, you can have a wide variety of physical traits and terms commonly known to identify these body traits. Psilocybe Cubensis has been domesticated enough to highly alter the selection of genetic traits. Classic standard pigment of Psilocybe Cubensis has a brown cap, and purplish brown spores. Leucistic or Leucism is the partial loss of pigment, where the fruit body shows white to off white tans, while spores are generally unaffected and near impossible to distinguish between a regular pigmented variety. Albino is the total loss of pigment, where the fruit body has lost all pigment and is pure white, these characteristics are passed down and where the spores are clear and almost naked to the eye. All divisions of basidiomycota spores are translucent with pigments of color. With the aid of a microscope you can view all of these wonderful traits.

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