Leucistic Burma

psilocybin cubensis albino burma

Variety Name: Leucistic Burma

Origin Location: USA Lab found

Species: Psilocybe Cubensis

Spore profile: Purple Spores, low spore production, normal spore discharge

Fruit Profile: Leucistic coloring, almost albino, common wavy cap formations, soft lavender coloring tones when mature with light sporulation.

Added Notes: Overlay can be a genetic trait

This L. Burma was originally found By isolator “Milo Thatch”. Found from Petri dish fruits that were cloned and swabbed. One of the best aesthetically pleasing leucitic variety. Milo found this while isolating spores of a classic Burma with standard pigments and coloring.

Fun fact! This isolation has a consistent tendency to produce albino and multi colored grows.

psilocybin cubensis albino burma
psilocybin cubensis albino burma