Discover the Enigmatic Apehilly Bumpkin

Unveil the Mysteries of the Apehilly Bumpkin

Explore the rare and captivating Apehilly Bumpkin Mushroom, known for its ethereal glow and unique properties. Perfect for enthusiasts and researchers alike.

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The Apehilly Bumpkin Mushroom

The Apehilly Bumpkin Mushroom (P. Cubensis) is a unique and original hybrid found by Basidium Equilibrium in a hybrid hunt. Its morphological properties make it a fascinating subject for study and admiration. This mushroom thrives in all classic substrate blends and emits a soft energy. Beyond its enchanting appearance, the Apehilly Bumpkin Mushroom is valued for its potential medicinal properties and collectibility.

Unique Characteristics

The Apehilly Bumpkin (HBP X APE) Mushroom stands out due to its genetic diversity. Our #1 & #2 Isolations showed great gentic continuity. Both displaying a perfect blend of the mother strains. While our #3 isolation displayed a reverted trait with a taller stipe, discharged spores and a interesting coloration.  

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