Welcome to the 100G Club

The 100 Gram Club is specifically for monster genetics, highlighting the enormous potential of our collected specimens. Each genetic comes with a classification of weight class. Ranging from 100G minimum to our current record of 600Grams. Cubensis have been known for their elusive monsterous size. From the McKenna brothers making claims of dinner plate sized caps found in the rainforests of Brazil; to indoor cultivation producing some absolutely incredibly large mushrooms.

Come explore a curated selection of Pheno-Specific genetics in our 100 G Club. Mushrooms, in their intricate biological tapestry, occasionally unveil rare phenotypic anomalies. The likelihood of reproducing these distinctive features is notably higher when cultivated from the spores of the revered “Mother Mushroom” or cloned cultures.

Our first series of release where all captured and collected throughout 2023.


Coming later 2024 we will have custom 100G Club minted coins. For all who enter the 100G Club!


GGT 2018