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Swab to Agar tek 1

Recommended items.

  1. Butane torch or sterilizer
  2. Scalpel and blade
  3. Forceps or medical tweezers
  4. Iso Alcohol or sanitizer whipes
  5. And of course spore swabs

First get on your gloves and your flowhood. Set youself up for success by collecting all items listed above. Once you have spore swabs ready for use, flame sterilize your scalpel blade. Let your blade cool down, then proceed to cut the tip of the swab into four sections. This will ensure more attempts at success instead of a single use swab incoulation approch.

Once you have cut the swab, sterilize your foreceps for tweezers. Once your foreceps are cooled, proceed to take one of your four sections off your swab.

Once you have successfully made your transfers of you spore swab you should wrap and label your plates. This tek has had very good results over the years and its a great way to get the most out of your spore swabs.

Swab Tek 2

Supplies needed:


2. Thermo Helix or butane torch

3.poured agar dishes

4.spore swabs

Cooking Red Wheat

Using a stock pot, presto canner, or Brew kettle. Add roughly 1:2 ratio of Wheat to Water, simmer and stir regualary. 

Once plump remove from heat and strain in screen straining table.

Let steam dry for 10-15 minutes, scoop and Bag/Jar to prepare for Pressure cooker. PC for 90 minutes @15psi