Squat Mak

Rare exclusive Cultivar direct cubensis spores

Mycelium Works

Livnig mycelium for genetic preservation and collection

Genetic Vault

The genetic vault serves as a living library and ever growing mushroom herbarium

Spore Boutique

Collectable Mushrooms spores & samples from around the world

Dedicated craft fungi boutique, providing the highest quality products for Fungi research.

Jedi Mind Fuck Spores

Spore Boutique

Spore Prints, Swabs and Glass Slides

psilocybe cubensis hillbilly

Mycelium Works

Isolation Dishes, Isolated Syringes and Slants

Jedi Mind Fuck Spores

Bas Mycology

Media, Tools and Supplies

The International Psilocybe Co-Operative 


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basidium equilibrium
psilocybe cubensis pe7