LC – Super Ape


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LC – Super Ape

Over two years ago, Super Ape forged its path into existence. Mr. Poopy was working an Ape he received from a fellow myconaught in the Mushroom community. After cloning a blob, he changed his manure source and ran this culture on pure manure, it produced a legendary Ape Blob! Samples from this Ape blob produced grenade sized fruits, and the beginning of the Legendary Super Ape started.

Working this culture consistently has made this unique morphology stable. Apes are often known for their high alkaloid contents; and this Super Ape is true to that name sake! Mr. Poopy and Bas have teamed up to release this unique culture to the collector community at large.

Offering up a limited time isolation pack containing three different Super Ape lineage lines. Each isolation has been tested for quality and cleanliness.


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