Battlephrog phungus

Battlephrog Phungus is a dedicated cultivator who brings passion and energy to his work with world-class genetics. He pays meticulous attention to intense cycling to promote super aggressive growth and achieve amazing results.

One of Battlephrog’s most legendary strains is Ghost, which boasts an impressive genetic pedigree. This TAT (True Albino Teacher) variant first emerged from the TAT Syndicate in 2019 and is renowned for its full flushes, potent effects, and sturdy structure.

Battlephrog has spent two years meticulously isolating and refining his “Hand Grenade Ghost” strain, resulting in epic-sized fruits and flushes that are the envy of boutique collectors seeking the best of the best.

For a limited time, Basidium Eq and Battlephrog are teaming up to offer spore swabs and a limited run of isolated plates. Don’t miss your chance to experience the cream of the crop in the world of genetic cultivation.